Why your car needs fog lights.

Fog lights are turned on during adverse climatic conditions for example when there is fog or mist. Fog lights are used to increase visibility. It is important for one to check on the manual of his or her car to confirm how to turn on the fog lights.

Vehicles are equipped with both front and rear fog lights. As soon as the fog or mist clears drivers should switch off the fog lights.

Using fog lights when there is no mist is forbidden by law because the light from them hinders the visibility by other drivers. This is because they have a blinding effect when used during clear climatic conditions. If one is involved in an accident by turning on fog lights when there is no fog, the insurance company is not liable to compensate. So be safe and get fog lights fromĀ https://www.diodedynamics.com/fog-light-leds-for-1999-2017-ford-f-150-pair.html asap.

The following are reasons why your car needs fog lights:

a) Fog lights improve visibility when driving because they do not reflect off the fog like regular headlights does.

b) They are also useful whenever there is a significant amount of dust on the road.

c) Fog lights installed at the rear of a care are used to warn other drivers of the presence of the car thus preventing other
drivers or road users hitting you from the rear.

d) Rear fog lights are also useful when one is reversing the car during foggy or misty weather since he or she is able to see
well as far as the rear fog light can illuminate.

e) They also make drives feel safe when driving during foggy or misty climatic conditions.

f) They are also easy to maintain since they are made of thick lens which improves its durability hence low replacement cost.

g) Turning on fog lights when driving in or near wildlife parks helps prevent animal accidents because wild animals can see the car
approaching or passing.

h) Since fog lights illuminate much on the ground immediately in front of the car, drivers are able to drive safely without recklessness
thus reducing the maintenance cost of the car.

i) They can be used when parking the car at home at night since the regular car headlights are is so large and they cannot be used
to illuminate well on the ground below the car as the fog lights does. But precaution has to be taken when doing this to avoid hitting domestic animals or family members blinded by the light when parking.

j) Even though you are used to drive car at high speed, using fog light will not allow you to drive at high speed when the
weather is foggy or misty because they don’t illuminate a far distance like the regular car headlights.

k) Car insurers can consider insuring your car if it has fog lights since they will help minimize the frequency of claims you
will be reporting to them because of minimized number of accident occurrences you will be involved with when driving your car during foggy or misty weather.

l) Having fog lights in your car also increases the chances of buyers from fog and mist prone areas buying your car.

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