Top 5 Things to look out for in a Real Estate listing agent

There could be various reasons for selling your home but none of them have to be compelling enough to sell it as a bad business. You will of course never dream of selling it cheap but if you are stuck with a wrong real estate listing agent then chances are high that your property is going to fetch you the low price. However, you cannot always blame the listing agent for the outcome; rather, it is your decision to hire such agent from, in the first place, which is the root cause for your loss. So, here are top 5 things to look out for in a real estate agent ensuring you get the best value for your property.

Marketer: While you are interviewing to choose your preferred listing agent, it is imperative to ensure that you choose someone with a precise marketing ability for your property. You can also ask them to come up with a marketing demonstration for your property along with an amicable advertising budget to support their plan. Networker: Only if you really believe that all of the marketing is online and human to human high-touch impact is non-existent that you will disagree to this point. A quick look at the world of listing agents will reveal how most of the sales are closed by few real estate pro agents. And only thing common to all is they all are well networked with real people looking out for selling/buying properties. This is why you too should choose your real estate listing agent who has a good network.

Experience: Yes, it is true that some of the best sales are carried out by new-comers in the industry but on an average experience is a key factor you cannot ignore. More importantly, if you are to choose your agent who has experience then he will also have case studies to showcase building trust both with you as well as with prospective buyers of your property.

The low commission is not the only highlight: You cannot let yourself fall into the trap of low commission as the deciding factor for choosing a listing agent. And if happens to be the only highlight then you better stay away from the person as helshe does not have anything substantial to compete in the market. Most of the property owners look out for highest bidders with the lowest commission as their agent but they ignore the fact that they would be paying commission only when the agent would be able to sell the property. Whereas, incompetent agents who gain deals only on the basis of being

low on budget lack skills to negotiate and market your real estate and thus keeps you waiting indefinitely. Integrity: If the agent you hire is not true to himself then chances are high that he will win a deal from you by being untruthful. But it is virtually impossible to seek a proof of integrity so the only thing you can rely upon is your own intuition and testimonial of people helshe has earlier worked for. Moreover, if you find an agent with integrity, he will do wonders for you and get your property the best value.

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