The beauty of a Costa Rica Birding Tour

If you love birds and colors, you should definitely visit Costa Rica. This small tropical country of Central America is home to a wide range of amazing birds. But why you should go to Costa Rica for the birds?

Offers a big Variety of Birds

Costa Rica is among the very few countries in the world that has many different species of birds. Here you can have the chance to watch any bird that you might think of. In fact, it has more than 850 species of birds, such as hummingbirds, trogons, scarlet macaws and many more. You can spot them very easily in various parks in Costa Rica with the help of the best bird guides. The country is home to all these amazing birds because of its geographic formations, such as valleys, mountains and lakes.

Watch the Most Colorful & Lovely Birds in the World

In this country, you can see the most colorful and active birds you have ever seen in your life. You can get the chance to see one the most famous and colorful bird, which is the male Quetzal. This bird has magnificent colors, with a long tail and exceptional feathers. Or you may also get the chance to watch the Motmot; this is another beautiful bird with distinctive tail feathers and very peculiar colours.

Have Fun while Enjoying the Beautiful Birds

Once you understand how different of bird species react, you will begin to notice how they behave and how they interact with one another. You may even be able to identify some special traits of their personality, how they sing, how they fly and how they respond to you and your friends.

Hear them Sing

These tropical birds of Costa Rica make the most amazing sounds. They can even hear them sing the most surprising calls, some of them lasting fro more than 10 seconds. It’s really an amazing experience to get the opportunity to understand that some birds have great lungs and they are able to produce some of the most interesting sounds in nature.

Get the Chance to Feed them

You can have the most incredible experience of your life when you feel these birds.

Find some wooden platforms and get some papayas or other tropical fruits, in order to feed them.

Connect with birds in a tropical nature

If you want to break out of your regular life and just feel the rhythm of these magnificent birds, just visit Costa Rica to observe them. You can enjoy them alone or with your friends all year-round. Just remember that birding is non-seasonal and it may change with the seasons. For example, during summer time you can just sit and listen their amazing sounds, whether during spring months you can watch them migrate. There is always something interesting to see and anticipate when you watch the birds in this tropical country. Watching birds keeps you in tune with the different seasons and you can understand the seasonal changes.

You can go to Costa Rica and watch many amazing birds all year round. Although you can’t expect to see all the different birds, all of them just wander a bit every time of the year

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