Tactics for fast home sales


The real estate industry is as dynamic as it is cut throat and every realtor is always putting in that extra effort or going that extra mile to make the next sale. It is definitely not easy to appeal to such a diverse market of individuals or families that are all looking for that special home, but there are still people who do it. This means that while it is a tough market, there are tactics for fast home sales that can be employed to give realtors that edge over the rest of the market. These are some of the things that you can do to get those offers coming fast on even the most stagnant of listings or you can check out www.liveloveathome.com/blog/philadelphia-commercial-real-estate/ to hasten the process.

1. Max out on the visual appeal

The truth of the matter is that a good looking house will always be memorable to people looking to buy. People often seem to remember “The house with the pretty flowers on the front porch” or “the house with unique furniture” when considering their options. This is because the visual appeal of a well-staged house will always remain on people’s minds. So taking the extra steps to properly manicure the lawns or add some nice furniture to a living room could mean the difference between a dormant listing and a quick sale.

2. Invest in social media

In this day and age, everybody is living on the internet. The current market demographic spends hours on Facebook, Twitter and various other platforms. The power of social media to spread news and information cannot be understated and investing some time creating a page or a few posts describing a house could be how you get that listing off the market. The saying goes that “My next client could be on your timeline”, so share your listings widely on social media and your client could be a few clicks, swipes or retweets away.

3. Don’t overlook the effect professional photograph

Often times people under estimate the power of a good photograph. A lot of the time, the pictures on newspapers do not properly represent the house on sale based on how the shots were taken or even the quality of the print. This is why taking some time to hire a professional photographer is always a good idea. Smartphones these days can take high quality pictures but the appeal of a professional photograph will rarely go unnoticed. Regardless of the price, any listing is instantly made more appealing with a professionally taken photograph that can be used on a website or can be shared on social media.

4. Turn an open house into a small party

Having an open house is one of the more traditional ways of marketing a listing, where people come over and just look at a house. The unique thing about people however, is that they better remember a generous host. Spending a little bit of time setting out a few snacks for the arriving potential clients will set you apart as a kind and thoughtful realtor, and will generate some much needed buzz in the area for your listing.

All in all, getting a little creative in the execution of normal strategies could set your listings apart from so many others. Tactics for fast home sales are coming up every day in the real estate market, and employing some of them in your sales practices will go a long way in landing you the few extra sales that you’ve been looking for.

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