Why You Should See A Doctor About Nerve Pain

Nerve pain. Those little pin pricks that eat away at your perfectly fine day could have serious causes and repercussions. It could be that there is a tumor pushing up against a nerve, or maybe your high glucose levels from diabetes have worn away at your nerves. Even serious enough trauma can damage the nerve.

Then we get to add on the delightful fact If the pain is keeping you up at night that lack of sleepy may have some serious cyclical consequences. Lack of sleep can cause depression, anxiety and could even lead to pre-diabetic conditions.

If you are experiencing this kind of pain this article should at the very least answer some questions as these vitamins and herbs work well, if not make you pick up the phone and schedule a doctor’s visit.

The Negatives

If you aren’t sure whether or not the pain you are feeling is nerve pain, here is a refresher. It is commonly described as a numbness or pin pricks. Sometimes the pain is due to over sensitive nerves, causing a butterflies kiss into a painful bite.

Nerve pain doesn’t always just hurt, it can also result in the thinning of the skin, drops in blood pressure and digestive difficulty. On top of all this it can even cause erectile dysfunction.

The Causes (aka More Negatives)

As a heads up I don’t recommend trusting a self diagnosis, this humble list is to warn you of the possibilities to come. And the possibilities are numerous.

It could be cancer… though to be fair a tumor doesn’t have to be cancerous to cause nerve pain, anything pushing up against that nerve hard enough can get the job done. Even a hard cyst in the right place will do the trick.

Infectious diseases such as HIV or Lyme disease can cause nerve damage as well. Lyme disease comes with a few warning signs however, such as a stiff neck accompanied by joint pain and a fever.

Then again, maybe you are one of the 14 million American alcoholics. In that case it could be the alcohol directly damaging your nerves; it is also able to cause nutrient deficiencies which can spread the pain.

It could even be psychosomatic. The point is that you will never truly know until you reach out to your doctor.

The Little Things 

Now let us step away from the bigger picture and look at the day to day.

Painkillers must be taken every day to help dull the pain. Antidepressants to combat your newly acquired mental condition. Constantly in pain with no apparent reason can start to take its toll, leaving you sapped before you step out of bed.

All that in just one morning, it is such a waste of time! Not just time but money is also being wasted by the pin prick. All the damage being done to your body could lead to an early retirement, making living a longer life harder than it already is.

Nerve pain is not something to be ignored as it could have some very serious causes. Its as if you are refusing to be worried about coughing up blood. Pain is your bodies way of telling you there is something wrong. Please listen to it.

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