Some Points to Consider if You’re Engaged to Study Physics at the Last Minute

Physics is one of the most feared subjects by high school students. In fact, even some of them see physics as a plague. Many educational experts deplore this phenomenon, and they argue that there are chronic errors that plague many schools around the world so that instead of being well absorbed, many of the lessons actually serve as “sleeping pills” for students.

Learning physics should be done gradually and regularly. Regularity is closely related to discipline, and only with discipline, all teaching and learning process can be run properly. However, real conditions sometimes do not allow for that. We know that physics is just one of the many subjects taught to high school students and they have to deal with them (all subjects were given) without exception or they can’t achieve the graduation as expected.

Studying physics in the last minutes before the exam is not something ideal, unless you are at a physics crash course. No one is competent to advocate it! But sometimes, some of the most diligent students have to go through this and they bet on their exam results. They may have to look for more information about physics and how it should be studied, and so they can understand that even if it is not recommended, learning physics in the last minute can produce satisfactory results as long as it is done seriously.
The big question is “How to study for a physics exam at the last minute?” For you info, there are several approaches to note:

Deepen the basic concepts

The basic concept is the foundation stone for every science, no exception for physics. In understanding physics, you must understand that all formulas and equations are derivatives of basic concepts and they are actually how people are to explain these concepts through mathematical symbols. Only that! By understanding the basic concepts then the absorption of knowledge can be done in a short time, making you quite ready to challenge the physics exam in sight.

Make a list of things you do not understand yet

You are chased by time and therefore, playing with priority is mandatory. You should be able to prioritize what you really need, at least for your upcoming exam. You should make a list of things that are really difficult for you and discuss them with a third party. Third party here is anyone who is competent to the problem you are facing. Now is the era of the Internet and “third party” is something you easily get.

Create your learning group

Did you know that discussion is one of the best ways to learn? Many people associate learning by simply reading what is written in the book or listening to the teacher in the classroom. The two learning methods work in one direction. With a discussion, you can exchange ideas with your friends, and you can think together to find the best way for every physics problem being faced. The discussion is highly recommended for anyone who will take an exam.

How to study for physics exam at the last minute is not something very difficult to do. What you need is willingness and also ingenuity to implement new strategies. Good luck!

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