How much does jewelry repair cost

To many people, jewelry is like a treasure to them therefore they have tendency to wear their jewelry very often.

Due to often wearing of jewelry, its normal for the jewel to have signs of wear and tear and also it can age over a certain period of term.

Due to aging, the jewelry my require to be repaired for it to gain back its originality though it depends on the owner priority.

You should not worry about the condition of your aged or scratched jewelry, since it can perfectly be repaired in such a way that it can look as new as you bought it or according to your choice of preference at very pocket friendly prices.

How much does jewelry repair cost

1. Cleaning and polishing of the jewelry.

It doesn’t matter how responsible you might be with the jewelry that you own, but eventually it will get dirt in one way or the other or even it can be scratched by probably things you are working with and therefore it my require cleaning or polishing.

Your jewelry can be cleaned at a minimum price of $50 dollars in most jewelry cleaning stores.

In case your jewelry was cleaned and still it has some scratches, you have to get the jewelry polished.

This service can basically cost you approximately $20 to $60 and polishing will ensure that all scratches in your jewelry are repaired.

2. Jewelry resizing.

You might have bought a jewelry and with time it either become to big or to small for you.

A large sized ring can easily get lost while small sized one can easily cut blood circulation and this factors my give you an option in resizing your jewelry.

Jewelry resizing approximately cost $30 dollars to $200 dollars.

This cost depends on the metal making the jewelry, whether you want to enlarge yourjewelry or you want to make it small for perfect fitting.

3. Clasp replacement.

If, in any way a clasp of your jewelry is broken down or is not in good condition you may want it repaired to avoid lose of your treasured jewelry.

Clasp repair cost approximately $10 to $250 dollars and the actual price depend on the design of the clasp, the metal type used to make the clasp, style of the clasp and the size of the clasp.

4. Broken chain fixing.

If, your jewelry chains breaks it can be fixed back through soldering it together to its original positions. Fixing broken chain approximately costs between $20 and $230 dollars and it depends on the metal type of the jewelry and also the broken area which need repair.

5. Stone Re-setting.

Stones such a gemstone are used in decorating your jewelry and hence when one fall out from the jewelry it lost it’s original look.

There are many types of stone cuts and style, hence a varying prices.

If it’s a re-attachment of a stone it can approximately cost you $35 to $60 depending on size.

In conclusion, as the above implies there is no specific set price for jewelry repair, but instead prices varies on the repair you want done on your jewelry.

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