Email Subject Lines- Why Are They Important?


What makes an enticing subject line? Two things:

1. Readers understand what’s in it for them.

2. It leaves no doubt as to the subject of the email.

A subject line like “Budget figures” is too vague and not at all enticing to the reader. What about the budget figures? Are you sending them for my information? Are you asking me for my figures? Do you want the input of any kind from me? Must I do this now?

What are subject lines? Why are they important?

Subject lines represent the whole content of your email. In a mail inbox, people start with reading subject lines and then emails. People will read your emails only if they find your subject lines compelling.

Good cold email subject lines will increase your open rates, i.e., the number of people opened your email vs the total number of recipients.Practically it is not so. People these days are very busy and receive tons of emails every day. So if they don’t find your message compelling, they won’t hesitate to put it in their trash. This is not what you want them to do. You want them to open, read and reply to your emails. For that, you must spend some time to create an attractive subject line.

You may be wondering what sort of subject lines are the best to generate maximum open rates. The best approach is to make subject lines tell exactly what is in your email. Your subject lines must convey the core message of your email contents. Buy one, Get one FREE-Myplace is a more compelling subject line than a New offer from Myplace. Be specific as much as possible. Make sure that your email content conveys what you say in the subject line and encourage them to visit the landing pages you specially made for them. Choose your subject lines wisely.

Some tips to write good subject lines:

1. Personalize:

Personalize the subject lines of your emails by adding the recipient’s name. People find it more appealing when they are addressed using their names.

2. Make them short:

Do not use long subject lines. They must be very brief but conveys the message of your email contents. Learn how headlines are written in a news paper and implement the same in your email subject lines. Include no more than 50 characters including spaces.

3. Test:

Test different subject lines for the same email content and find out which one has the most email open rates. By finding out the subject line that generated most open rates you can continue to write subject lines similar to it in your future emails.

4. Include urgency:

Set a deadline for your latest offers and include it in the subject line. A subject line with Offer expiring in 10 hours is very compelling than a subject line that tells only about the offer. Make sure that you project deadlines while writing subject lines.

Email is a convenient and popular way to communicate, but it can also be the worst way to communicate because email is easy to ignore or delete. Get your email opened as soon as it arrives by following the three tips of creating a subject line that is specific, concise and interesting.

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