Mountain biking during the day exposes you to numerous hazards. These associated risks increase when you

go for mountain biking at night. For this case, improper lighting exposes you to an even greater danger. Unlike

wild cats that have nocturnal abilities, we as human beings are limited in our vision. We, therefore, require a

secondary source of light to help illuminate our path. To this effect, if you have poor lighting, you may face

the following dangers:


It is common knowledge that an unfamiliar path my pose a greater challenge. In such a case you will come

across unexpected turns or ruggedness in the terrain. The situation will be made more perilous by improper

lights which will shorten your vision range. In this case, the twists and turns may catch you unawares

resulting in an incident or accident.


Mountains unlike roads in streets have proper wildlife management. Biking itself in such a location will expose

you to a habitat of wild animals that would be agitated by your presence. Picture a deer or lion in the vicinity.

With your approach in such place, your range of sight will be greatly reduced and for the two cases, a

runaway scared animal or a fierce one that will opt to confront you may in both cases pose a great threat to

your safety. If the lights provide proper illumination, you may be able to stay clear of such risks.


Imagine getting to a dead end in one instance. Mountainous areas have steep slopes and cliffs which due to

darkness may provide an impression of continuity of the path. This illusion may lead you to bike yourself off a

cliff or into a depression. The result is well known to most, if not all of us. Catastrophic.


The mind works by sending impulses to the brain before an action is implemented by any part of a body.

Improper lighting may distort your reaction time because during such a time you view may be limited to the

front view range only. This lack of environmental consciousness on either side may reduce your response in

case you are required to make a sudden change in the riding path to avert an occurrence.


A hazard is anything that has a potential to cause harm. Biking alone or in groups at night may be a blessing

and a curse in equal measure. If for example, you are biking in a group in a poorly light surrounding, the

potential of getting injured to all of you is elevated. This can occur when one biker spirals out of control and

the rest follow suit causing multiple collisions.


It is therefore paramount that biking is done in well-known locations that have been well lit. Biking clubs have

to take precaution by lighting up biking areas even in mountainous areas. It is also a personal initiative for a

biker to equip his or her bike with brighter lights that cover a greater line or degree of sight. Without this, it will

be common knowledge that the aforementioned is awaiting you.

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