Animal Protection and Welfare

The need for steps to be taken to protect wildlife is increasing day by day. Humans tend to be carefree about the population of the animals, and they don’t realize that their actions have to lead to many species of animals being extinct and many to the brink of extinction. People need to realize that such ignorance towards to dwindling population will affect the balance and will also deprive humans of the basic amenities that animals provide.

In many countries, there are wildlife parks and sanctuaries which protect these animals from poachers and save them from getting harmed. These protected parks have led to an increase in the population of certain species in the habitat. The project tiger program in India has led to an increase in the population of tiger in India and has brought the population back from the point of the endangered category.

The reason people should care about the protection of animals is that the human population is dependent on animals. We get food, medicine, clothing etc. from animals. Just because animals cant communicates or speak doesn’t give us the right to do anything with there lives. They have the right to live freely in their habitat. An authority in the subject of animal protection is the HSUS CEO, you should definitely read up on his blog if you’re interested.

The extinction of a single species will lead to disturbing the balance of the ecosystem, and the impact is bound to affect humans in one way or the other. As the most advanced and intelligent species on the planet it’s our moral obligation to take care of the lesser intelligent species and ensure their survival.

Take the case of honeybees they help in pollination of the crops without them we will face huge problems. They help in pollination of agricultural plants as well as the flower. Agricultural plants are then consumed by humans not only for eating purposes but also for medicinal and other purposes but the population of bees is decreasing, and it’s going to have adverse effects on humans. These plants make oxygen without which humans being wont to survive. If you take one participating species away from a food chain, the whole chain gets disturbed and will rearrange and that, in turn, will affect other food chains.

Animals are still being hunted and killed for enough with all the laws of wildlife protection and wildlife parks. Rhinoceros horns and elephant tusks are being sold for high prices and authorities are not doing anything to stop such practices.Human beings are losing there humanity and are not realizing the pain and suffering of animals.

Our future generations deserve to have all the facilities that we have had the pleasure of having and they deserve to enjoy them too but that cannot be possible if we continue to take everything for granted and keep exploiting every resource possible and pushing every species to the bring of extinction which leads such huge change in balance of the ecosystem that it leads to the extinction of us human beings only. So the time is now to stop thinking and start working towards a better future which is only possible if all the species exist and live together and contribute towards each other lives.

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Why do dental implants cost so much

A dental implant is a metal screw that is made of titanium that is usually positioned in the jawbone. If you happen to look at the research conducted by medical experts, you get to know that dental implants are highly expensive in the current world.One common question that many people ask themselves is why do dental implants cost so much. For you to understand that you have to understand the procedural details that are involved in this case.

The cost of the dental implants can be split into two separate expert dentists. The cost can consist of the positioning of the implants(metal titanium) into the jaw to the cost of setting up the crowns and false tooth to the implants. These implant procedures can be done by two individual tests, thus the two separate fees.Therefore the patient has to visit the dentists for many procedures and the dentist we need to pay for his staff or team. All these have to be included in your total cost.But to reduce the cost you can decide for few options that are accessible to make the implant inexpensive

Secondly, a dental implant is taken to be surgery as the dentist is required to have completed training of implantology, e.g. the dentists at New Teeth Dental Solutions. Therefore the rate charged has to be higher because of the training and credentials of the work performed by the dentist. The implant also depends on proper diagnosis and care from the consultation through the crowning touches; it is evident that certain strict steps have to be followed that cost money.

Also in determining the price of the dental implants the geographical location, overhead and special fee structure will be calibrated into the total cost of the implant. The physical circumstance such jaw bone and gum condition of the patient are also evaluated; in return anesthesia and temporary tooth, options are also considered in the implant cost. If you remove away the insurance cost, you would expect the entire procedure comprising the crown to cost around $3,000 and $5,000 per tooth.

Another reason why the cost may be high is that the staff and doctor administering the implant commit a lot of time to the procedure than the patient does. The surgical staff and laboratory team conduct a lot of labor intensive steps for successful results.The prosthodontist also has to study intensively the patient’s diagnostic and health profile and will develop a customized plan to meet the patient’s needs.

The materials that are used for the building of prosthodontics equipment are too costly. It will be very ironical to use every expensive equipment to deliver a service a low cost. The dentist says that to obtain comprehensive diagnostics unique radiographic assessments are needed using cephalometrics and pan radiography. CT scan can also be indicated in the assessment. The highly technical computers and titanium implants placed in the mouth of the patient are highly expensive. Also, the prostheses that are interim and final version have semi-precious and precious metals that are joined by porcelain are applied by careful technicians.

Another reason for this high cost is because some patients need bone grafting, sleep sedation anesthesia healing procedures that add up to the high cost of implant plan.

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Radio Livestreams on Youtube?

We believe in magic.. who would have thought that YouTube livestreams could be used for video!


Enjoy, we know we are.

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